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I'm Rhube.
I like plants and friends and cats and hair.
v gay, v sick, v opinionated

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 actual bffs

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i feel like it’s v distinctly queer to say “Maybe with this matte topcoat, i’ll look more manly.”

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finch took the camera to toronto, so here are some shitty cell phone pics of how way cute i am

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Official fanclub post for ‘the cute queer looking dancer in Justin Bieber’s Beauty and a Beat

with special guest ‘this other really pretty one who also dances very well’

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“As Eli Clare brilliantly puts it, “the mannerisms that help define gender—the way in which people walk, swing their hips, gesture with their hands, move their mouths and eyes when they talk, take up space—are all based upon how non disabled people move…The construct of gender depends not only upon the male body and female body, but also on the non disabled body.” Ableism renders invisible those bodies not privileged by dominant definitions of ability, those bodies that do not fit the conceptions of gender that we often imagine.”

On Ableism within Queer Spaces
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writing notes on gay semiotics at gay Bridgehead for a workshop on queer expression through fashion.

this is my life now.

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I am so fucking tired of talking about my gender.

Like fuck,it is what it is, and I’ve figured it all the fuck out, I don’t need to talk it out or explain it to some fuckhead cis people.

And like, I am always cool with med students being present etc etc
but the fact that cis people want to work with youth with gender issues, and mental illness,
like fuck. Fuck that.

I feel so fucking objectified all the time. Why do I have to jump through hoops, and go through all these motions just to get hormones? Who’s business is it to decide for me what I can and can’t do with my body? Whether I really am trans?
No matter which way you swing it, it is gatekeeping. And I hate it. I’m tired of it.

I feel like a lesser human being. These people are all observing me, taking pity on me.
And of course they’re not going to understand my relationships either, and try to fit my queer relationships in to their tiny little heteronormative boxes,


"So you’re gay, as in you as a man?"

why the FUCK does it even matter? You’re here to assess my god damn mood disorder, why do I have to explain my gender and sexuality to you? “That sounds really confusing.” No it’s not fucking confusing, I fucking live it. It might be confusing to you, because you expect me to fit a certain set of “symptoms” but FUCK YOU, THIS ISN’T A MENTAL ILLNESS. YOU CAN’T ANALYZE MY GENDER LIKE A MENTAL ILLNESS.

I just. Feel. Like I constantly have to prove myself. And go through the same fucking story, to appeal to stupid fucking cis people who feel they have a right to my story, and a right to fucking DOUBT me.

I am not an object. I am not a mental illness. I am a person. I am a person with a gender, and a mental illness, that are SURPRISE SURPRISE completely separate from eachother, and I DON’T HAVE TO TELL YOU ALL THIS. Especially when you’ll never understand it, and you’re going to try to HEAL me for having relationship dynamics that you see as negative because they’re not normal monogamous hetero feelingless nonesense. Nobody has that. Hetero people don’t even have that. Go fuck yourself.

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heyy, u might not remember me Rhube but i was one of the people who sat in on ur little talk u had at canterbury's pride club a while ago. Noe about the camp acorn, i cant go to it because i have another camp thats actually at the same time, so i was wondering if u knew of any camps LIKE project acorn that would be like in August or something?

I do remember yooou!

Actually, Project Acorn is run by Ten Oaks, which runs Camp Ten Oaks for youth ages 8-16 for a week in August.
It’s not quite the same, more of a fun camp experience than more workshop-focussed, (though Acorn does have fun camp activities and whatnot,) but it’s a really great program, and tons of fun.

Check out the Ten Oaks website!

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It’s kinda interesting that this was mentioned, mostly because I’ve had a discussion with a couple friends recently about how there isn’t really a word for that sort of relationship and how it’s a bit unfortunate. The lack of a word, that is.

Yeah, really. I feel like even “non-sexual” wouldn’t really be right, either.
I guess it really depends on how you define the specific relationship, but a general term would be a good thing to have.

Mmmhmm. The closest I’ve seen are queerplatonic and the term zucchini, but I dunno, nothing quite clicks. Gah, feelings and relationships are just complicated the moment I have to explain them to someone else.

I really like queerplatonic, but I don’t feel like it describes this kind of relationship.

Like, the word platonic, to me, says non-romantic, non-intimate.
And I think intimacy is such a broad and personal thing that can include anything, and romance is often equated with sexuality and sensuality, but I see it more as affectionate feelings, that fluttery feeling with a person.
So I see being in a relationship with somebody as sharing some kind of intimacy, on the personal terms of that relationship, and so platonic, and therefore queerplatonic, don’t really apply to that.

That being said, I see queerplatonic as including some aspect of romance in a different interpersonal context.
Because I often say that I rarely feel entirely platonic towards my friends, but that’s because there are those tingly fluttery loving feelings towards them, in a queerplatonic way. 

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