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Dinner lol

September 5, 2014 @ 7:21 PM 9 notes

oh christ this is a very personal post, i am high

It’s funny how i started wearing the shirt that Sean left here jokingly, and now it’s an actual comfort thing.

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September 10, 2013 @ 1:40 AM 12 notes

[tw: drug use]

whenever i get high, i dissect my thought processes and have all these intense revelations about thinking and consciousness and the different ways in which I have experienced mental functions and how mine might be the same or different from those of others,

and last night i was staring at Sean’s butt, and like, watching it as he went to get tea, and came back, and went to get cups, and came back, and I just was staring at it, and i was like “wow, this must be why people stare at people’s butts, because they ALSO want to lick those people’s butts, and that makes them stare at butts, I UNDERSTAND NOW,” and it was probably the most ridiculous high-revelation i have ever had, so.

revelations about wanting to eat ass, u kno, whatever

June 10, 2013 @ 9:31 PM 12 notes

[trigger warning: drugs and drug use]

Our upstairs neighbor is really lovely, and gave us some weed,

and I left it on the windowsill, on top of the rolling paper he gave us.

And then I got high with our next door neighbors, and upstairs neighbors, so I left Mara to go do dishes, and whatnot, as I will make dinner, and they will do dishes, and that’s just how it works,

So I was out in the backyard, high as balls, just sitting there, while they cleaned. And then they put me to bed, still high as balls. When I woke up in the morning, I remembered the weed, and went to go put it away. When I got to the kitchen, it wasn’t there. So I called back to the bedroom, “Mara, where’s the weed?”

"What weed?"

"The weed the neighbor gave to us?"

"You smoked it?"

"No, I didn’t, I left it on the windowsill."

"What windowsill?"

"The one in the kitchen."


"On top of a rolling paper, in the kitchen!"


"Oh my god,"

"I thought it was kale!"

"You thought the weed was kale?!"

"I’m so sorry!"

"So you put it in the compost?"


"Oh my god. It was on top of a rolling paper!"

"Well, we’re moving, there are papers everywhere!"

"It’s a big dry ball. And it smells. And it was on a rolling paper!!!!!!!!"

So I go open the compost, and the weed had soaked up moisture from the rice in there,
and oh my god
the smell.
Good lord.


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