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Here’s this year’s Project Acorn promo video!

Project Acorn is a social justice oriented summer camp for youth of LGBTQ+* families and communities. It focuses on developing community building skills through fun group activities and a bit more in-depth workshops. We believe in sharing knowledge and building bridges between experiences, identities and generations! 

Sounds good to you? Wanna be a part of the magic? Now’s the time to apply, either as a participant (16-24 years old) or as a Root of Our Community (ROC) if you are 25+ years old. ROCs act as a support and resource for participants and the youth staff. We encourage people over 40, transfeminine folks, indigenous folks, children of queer families and disabled folks to apply as ROCs! 

Camp takes places in the Ottawa, ON region in Canada for 4 days on a campsite from July 17th-20th. 

Talk to us if you have any questions!

*LGBTQ+ stands as an abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and plus, meaning other similar sexual and romantic orientations and identities (such as homoromantic, heteroromantic, aromantic, etc. and homosexual, pansexual, polysexual, asexual, grey-sexual, demisexual, etc.) and gender identities (such transfeminine, transmasculine, transgender, boi, neutrois, genderqueer, two-spirited, etc.) 

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does anybody have any ottawa tattoo artist recommendations, because i am tired of dicking around

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trans* inclusivity does not look like “Where the trans people at? Shout out to the trans people. I’m not one of them, though, don’t worry!” punctuated with “What about the homosexual males? Who here likes dick?”

You wonder why you don’t get a lot of shouts when you ask where the trans people are? Nobody wants to out themselves when it’s clear they’re going to be desexualized and dehumanized based on their assumed genitals.

I don’t know if Capital Pride just picked two people at random, or actually tried to find people who would say the actual most offensive things possible, but it actually just kept getting worse.
The comments about mothers? as if they don’t get shit on enough by everyone, and the gay male community. And saying they should go suck their husbands dicks? Really?
Seems like they were trying to offend every woman there, too, considering what they said about lesbians, on top of that.

I’d like to say you tried and failed, but I genuinely don’t think you even tried.
Let’s hope next year is even just a little bit better. Though I can’t say I have much desire to check and see.

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which 1 of u friends is comin’ w me to see owen pallett on saturday?

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if i made a “Sounds of Vanier” ambient noise album, would you listen to it?

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Hey, followers in Ottawa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come live in our building!

We just moved in to a really lovely place in Vanier. Which I didn’t know was as nice as it is, by the way. Come visit, I promise you’ll like it.

Anyway, so it’s a 5 unit building on Park St., and one of the upstairs apartments will be available from September onwards. Everybody in the building is really lovely, and we like eachother, and hang out, SO
we need somebody cool to move in.

We’re putting up the ad soon, the one that enticed us to move in, which states that we want artists and musicians and queers and vegetarians and cool fun people to move in, so all I’m saying is:

move in.

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also, if you’re in to ladies, my BFF needs touching up, too

~turning apartment in to harem~

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