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Here’s this year’s Project Acorn promo video!

Project Acorn is a social justice oriented summer camp for youth of LGBTQ+* families and communities. It focuses on developing community building skills through fun group activities and a bit more in-depth workshops. We believe in sharing knowledge and building bridges between experiences, identities and generations! 

Sounds good to you? Wanna be a part of the magic? Now’s the time to apply, either as a participant (16-24 years old) or as a Root of Our Community (ROC) if you are 25+ years old. ROCs act as a support and resource for participants and the youth staff. We encourage people over 40, transfeminine folks, indigenous folks, children of queer families and disabled folks to apply as ROCs! 

Camp takes places in the Ottawa, ON region in Canada for 4 days on a campsite from July 17th-20th. 

Talk to us if you have any questions!

*LGBTQ+ stands as an abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and plus, meaning other similar sexual and romantic orientations and identities (such as homoromantic, heteroromantic, aromantic, etc. and homosexual, pansexual, polysexual, asexual, grey-sexual, demisexual, etc.) and gender identities (such transfeminine, transmasculine, transgender, boi, neutrois, genderqueer, two-spirited, etc.) 

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Did an ash ultra blonde w lavender lowlights
Thx @legarconalapipe for spending so long w so many chemicals on yr lil gay head xx View Larger

Did an ash ultra blonde w lavender lowlights
Thx @legarconalapipe for spending so long w so many chemicals on yr lil gay head xx

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 actual bffs View Larger

 actual bffs

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finch took the camera to toronto, so here are some shitty cell phone pics of how way cute i am

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sean said he’d win me a bear at some carnival thing

he better not be fucking around, I NEED THIS

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if this doesn’t get me beat up, i don’t know what will!!!!! View Larger

if this doesn’t get me beat up, i don’t know what will!!!!!

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My gender therapist once told me that more of her gay male clients opt for bottom surgery,

and at the time I wondered why,

but I totally get it now, and I fucking hate it.

I feel like so much of the gay culture that I love, and feel connected to is also super cissexist, and focuses a lot on penises.

And it’s hard enough with rampant femme-phobia, (not to mention body shaming for basically anything outside of thin, white, and cis) So I just feel kind of alienated and really just ashamed, for the most part.

It’s just very strange that I am very seriously considering bottom surgery, the more I pass as male, because the idea of anybody knowing that I am trans is really upsetting, let alone the idea of having to come out to a gay male partner as trans. Everybody seems to have this attitude of “Oh, yeah, trans people, totally so great for them!” until it comes to the idea of dating or fucking one.

I mean, it’s not like I get along with a lot of gay men, anyway, because a whole fuckload of them are white supremacist weirdos,
But there are some, you know. Some that I just want to kiss god damn it. Or at least have the promise of maybe kissing some day eventually jesus

i just feel like I am not enough????? you know????????? not like “enough of a man”, or “more than a woman” or whatever gross misogynist bullshit
Like, just, I’m inadequate, and undesirable, and i don’t know.


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“I feel like… I forgot how gay you were, and how much I love it.”

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“Yes! Exagerated heterosexuality!”

he shouts, putting on his bright yellow Nascar jacket
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i just need to thank Max, because “gay anxiety baby” has turned out to be the best ever term to describe me, and the people around me.

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writing notes on gay semiotics at gay Bridgehead for a workshop on queer expression through fashion.

this is my life now.

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“Can everyone just agree to not do any more experimental theatre about gay men wanting to fuck/murder each other and the similarities between the two? Not that it’s bad or anything, but it’s like when “The 40 Year Old Virgin” comes out and everyone thinks its the shit and five years later we end up with “Get Him to the Greek”. We are in the “Get Him to the Greek” era of minimalist stagings of Dennis Cooper torture fantasies, and I think we need to quit while we’re ahead. You’ve made me hate hot naked guys on an artfully bare stage covered in food and blood, wearing ironic masks and lip syncing to classic pop hits after likening a sex act as the giving of a wound. These should not be the things I am getting tired of.”

David Bernstein
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