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i get so mad when my fries are unsalted
like, if i was on a low-sodium diet, i wouldn’t be ordering fries,
i didn’t order a dang baked potato, i ordered fries, the whole POINT is that they’re salty

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I’m so sick today, but this lil gem is taking care of me (by mashing faces and spooning all day)

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my drafts are Out Of This World View Larger

my drafts are Out Of This World

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oh good the cat is puking too

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I am never going to leave my house again, I will get by on eating an occasional banana, I guess,

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i have a fantastic record of puking in bathtubs while sitting on the toilet, but i don’t have a bathtub, so i puked in the garbage can, which i should have thought of years ago bc it is so much more efficient

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jerk somebody off with one hand, pet cat with the other


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Uh oh

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[tw: drugs, mental illness]

lol i thought i was having a mental health crisis but then i was like wait this is just withdrawal bc you smoked like, 16 joints in 48 hours,
this is what happens when you go through an ounce of weed every month and then decide to stop abruptly, you asshole omg

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anti-biotics are trash, my digestive system is trash, my brain is trash, i am going to crumple myself up and put myself in the trash

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kitty and me are soooooooooooooooooo far beyond any joke someone might imagine about overprotective pet owners. this morning we laughed for like 5 minutes about the idea of hiring a catsitter 

"now, roswell likes to look at running bathwater at least three times a day. she will not interact with it but does love to see. make sure bunny gets at least three hours of cradling. she is gassy and loves to be pet firmly yet gently on her small stomach. when you use the laser pointer, make sure to have it ‘settle’ for a few minutes inside their water dish or in the cabinet before you turn it off, as if it is going home. we would like them to view the laser pointer dot as something both mystical and mysterious. if there is a fly, you must hold roswell above your head and repeat ‘get it get it get it’ until she gets it. she is a little inexperienced and tends to get overexcited and let the captured insect fall out of her mouth when she chews. this may take a few tries but our angel is worth it. please put bunny in the kitchen window at least twice a day. she can jump down safely but has not figured out how to get up. they also both need kisses. bunny will try to get into your mouth if you have recently eating, please do not discourage her, as this is hilarious and cute. they go outside on their leashes daily to stimulate their tiny cat brains. roswell prefers her Tommy Bahama shirt but can wear the Barbie shirt without the tutu attachment. the tutu is only for bunny, because it looks so cute. anytime they do anything cute, heap praise and love upon them EXCESSIVELY"

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when boys say “I lose respect for a woman who isn’t a feminist,”
i get so mad
because like, even aside from women having really legitimate reasons for not identifying as a feminist (like feeling alienated by the movement bc it’s super white supremacist, and transmisogynist)
just by saying that, you’re proving how you still view yourself above women, because you’re fucking playing in to misogynist tyranny by
1) saying that women should strive for your male approval, and
2) threatening them that they won’t get it if they don’t agree with your supposed opinions

like no, you don’t get to pretend you’re a damn feminist while looking down on and terrorizing women,

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Mushroom risotto with arugula salad w candied pecans View Larger

Mushroom risotto with arugula salad w candied pecans

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